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 Green Spotted Puffer

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PostSubject: Green Spotted Puffer   Tue May 05, 2009 9:43 pm

Common Name: Green Spotted Puffer
Scientific Name: Tetraodon nigroviridis
Family: Tetraodon
Size: 6 inches
Diet: Most puffers eat crustaceans in the wild. Foods for smaller puffers are frozen/freeze-dried krill/plankton, gut-loaded ghost shrimp, glass worms, crickets, worms and small snails (the size of their eye). Snails are an essential food to a puffer's diet, especially when small. The shell of the snail will dull there teeth when they become to long. This is a good thing!
Life Span: 10+years
Salt is required for this species of fish. At least 1 tbs per 5 gallons. Green Spotted Puffers are a Brackish fish, but have been known to live in marine water.

Please ask anymore questions that you may have. Very Happy
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Green Spotted Puffer
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