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 Rainbow Wolf Fish (Red)

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PostSubject: Rainbow Wolf Fish (Red)   Sat May 16, 2009 4:29 pm

Common Name: High Fin Wolf Fish, Red Wolf Fish, Rainbow Wolf Fish
Scientific Name: Erythrinus sp. Red
Size: 7-8 inches
Diet: Worms, live fish
Life Span: ???
Tank Size: 10+ gallons
This fish is not as aggressive as the regular freshwater Wolf Fish, but caution with this fish should still be taken. Any tetras, goldfish, live bearers, ect. will be eaten. This species of Wolf Fish should have tank mates larger than it self, but NOTHING IS GUARANTEED! Large eels and Bichir fish have been known to get along with this fish.

Please ask anymore questions that you may have. Very Happy
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Rainbow Wolf Fish (Red)
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